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Orion Satellite System

Orion Re Deployable Road-Case

The Orion Re-deployable Road-case is a complete office communications set-up in a box. It gives you full download speeds up to 2048kbps as well as 2 optimised voice lines with calls at local call costs. The standard package includes 12GB of data use per month with options available with unlimited usage.

This system does need about an hour to set-up so you wouldn't want to use it if your camp moves daily but for projects expecting to last a few months they are perfect.

Due to the customisable options of the set-up please call us on 1300 851 591 to see if this is the right option for your requirements.

Your Rental Package Includes:

  • Re-deployable Orion System with 1m dish
  • WiFi router
  • Uninterrupted power supply connection and protected  power boards
  • Instruction manual
  • 2x Cordless Telephone Handsets
  • All packaged in a re deployable road case.

Orion Satellite System Daily Rental Charges

Duration Price
2 month minimum duration rental periods apply Due to the possibility of many variable usage allowances and speeds please call to get customised rental rates.

Usage Charges
Call cost are very competitive and are as low as standard telephone charges.
With data allowance plans starting from 12gb per month you dont need to worry about high usage costs.

To see the full range of purchasing options for the Orion satellite internet unit please visit our dedicated sales site at or call 1300 197 600 to talk to one of our sales experts.

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