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Satellite Phone & Internet Products

RASP carries a wide inventory of phones and other equipment to keep Australia connected! We offer a variety of Inmarsat and Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones as well as three trusted satellite internet devices. Learn more about each product and discover which device will be right for your connectivity requirements.

Rent a Satellite Phone - Internet Rental Rates

(0-14 Days) $35 per day

(15-28 Days) $25 per day

(29 Days+) $21 per day

(3+ Months) $15 per day

Discover the RASP Sat Phone & Internet Advantage

We are the biggest supplier of satellite phone rentals equipment for Australia and thanks to our wide selection of sat phones and satellite Internet devices, focus on customer care, and affordable rental rates. We offer local delivery with overnight courier to most major cities within Australia including Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, and beyond.

Get in touch with a local RASP team member to learn more about how easy it is to hire a sat phone or to get started with your order. We are here to help you stay connected on cruise ships, aeroplanes, wilderness expeditions, climbing trips, and more.

Sat Phone & Internet - Explorer 510 | Rent A Satellite Phone in Australia

The EXPLORER 510 is a compact, reliable, and easy to use satellite internet device that keeps you connected to the world with background data speeds of up to 464kbps.


Sat Phone & Internet - Hughes 9201 | Rent A Satellite Phone in Australia

The Hughes 9202 unit is an upper level device offering speeds of 492kbps and dedicated steaming speeds of 256kbps. With WiFi and multiple network connections its perfect for first responders, media outlets,or defence.


Sat Phone - Orion System | Rent A Satellite Phone in Australia

The Orion Re deployable road case is the perfect option for those needing complete office grade communications in remote areas.


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